Fundamental Foundations

Following a tough end to the year, I saw 2015 in with antibiotics. That said, the medicine did shift that nasty virus I had very effectively. Plus our New Years Eve murder mystery night, where I was the reverend, was great fun. I didn’t commit the crime by the way.

It’s been all go since the turn of the year too. My work and social diary seems to get booked up so quickly. Having moved into a new home, I’m going to Brighton this weekend for my sisters birthday, and Fuerteventura next Thursday for a fortnight with Kasia’s family. This is all before presenting on another accessible tourism video in Halifax, and then working at a health exhibition in London.

The new home is taking shape. Due to a 38 week waiting list for local government disability services, and a huge thanks to SMA support UK; I’m getting an accessible wetroom next week. After all children – showering and hygiene should be a human right for everyone 🙂

I’ve also had my physio referral, so hopeful I can give my body some much needed attention. My quarterly Social Care monitoring forms are now completed for another 3 months. Plus I’m making progress with my wheelchair seating requirements, having had a deterioration in my posture. I’m also due to get my every-5-years change of adapted vehicle this month.

Just to clarify. The current situation of needing so much support and funding for my disability isn’t usually the norm. Having been stable for a while, ageing creates changes that need attention and management. Whilst there is a cost to my support needs; they’re a societal investment against further deterioration in my physical and mental health, and are empowering for me to get back out there and contribute to society again.

A big thanks to Kasia, my parents, family and friends for listening, advising and supporting me through this tough period.

With these fundamental foundations back in place, my health and happiness is back! Subsequently I’ve been working on my personal and professional development.

I’ve streamlined my phone to give me a variety of interesting news publishers via the LinkedIn app called Pulse (thanks Srin!). I’ve also been reading a book by Tony Robbins about managing money on my Kindle, and I’m doing an online course about writing with flair. More on these another time.

I’ve also got exciting new plans for my blog, Disability Horizons, my clients and on revolutionising the disability market place. If this time taught me something apart from don’t give up, it’s how inefficient and unhelpful parts of the disability market place are!

Watch this space guys. It’s going to be an interesting year. Please do join me on the ride.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. We too are starting the New Year with unfolding events whilst tapping into things that keep us inspired.

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