View More I have been working on a steering group with Manchester Metropolitan University and Scope around resilience. Please offer your assistance or share with your networks. It’s an important piece of work for disabled people in the future.   Researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University are working together with Scope on a new research project: Resilience in the lives of disabled people… Continue Reading

View More I have recently had some friendly contact from you guys asking why I haven’t written any overarching or political articles of late. I cannot express how busy I have been with the daily grind of self employment: keeping on top of emails, rolling out #disabilitywebinars with Hackney Council and Scope (now both live for their… Continue Reading

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Wow! What a week. Firstly, since my BBC breakfast appearance and more importantly the blog on the DLA consultation. General feedback from the ‘one month before heartbreak’ blogswarm has been positive. It received coverage on the following links, as only a starter and taster: Thanks to Emma (TweetHandle: @funkyfairy22) for… Continue Reading