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Research into resilience and disability

I have been working on a steering group with Manchester Metropolitan University and Scope around resilience. Please offer your assistance or share with your networks. It’s an important piece of work for disabled people in the future.
Researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University are working together with Scope on a new research project: Resilience in the lives of disabled people across the life course.  We want to find out what builds resilience in the lives of disabled people. We hope that our findings will help to shape the kinds of services that are delivered for disabled people, so that in the future, services always help disabled people to build resilience and independence.
Taking part
We would like to interview:
+ disabled children;
+ disabled young people;
+  parents/carers of disabled children;
+ disabled people of working age;
+  older disabled people;
+  people with terminal and degenerative conditions.
Interviews usually last between 1 – 2 hours, you can choose where you would like to be interviewed.  Questions we ask might include: 
+ What enables people to fulfill their hopes and dreams?
+ Can you identify people and services that have you have found helpful? Why were they helpful?
+ What helps disabled children and families to persevere in life even when things are getting tough?
If you would like more information about this project, please contact:


  1. Mr. Martyn, I am trying to do almost the same research with you, resiliency and disable, but in Indonesian setting. I was wondering if you could share the result of the research? Thanks

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