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The car problems

So Saturday gave a hangover chilled day. i dropped eli off in Cambridge and nipped into st.ives (my parents home town and my childhood stomping ground). I enquired about my trip to paris and then mainly reclined my wheelchair in mums garden.

later on i grabbed my favourite chinese chicken curry from mai garden! and then had an early night. sunday dad invited me, my sister and chris (my other PA and more importantly claire’s long term boyfriend) for sunday lunch. had the most beautiful roast pork, then headed to mums to see spurs BEAT liverpool 2-1. the weekend was going so well…

Then i went to drive the new wheels – video blog of the car to come 🙂 but it broke down. the steering packed up 🙁 so i became very stressed as i knew there was no way home to London that night and therefore no getting to the office. while i can work from home, with only myself and my manager i worry if i am not in. especially as i hate it when its something like the car whereby its harder with the chair to manage without on transport.

so they towed it away this morning, i set about catching up on work and trying to calm down at the whole scenario. then some luck occurred while i was arranging the train to london on my own – while the truck driver had a 45 min break they fixed it and grabbed him to see if he could take it back again to my mums. no need for trains 🙂 so by 17.30 i had my new car again and could drive to london. it still seems not perfect on heading back to the flat, and im worried for tomorrow but worse case i can at least get the bus if it breaks again. what a hassle! tomorrows a new day right.