First week solo!

I have little energy to write a massive post, but this week needs marking! Having recovered from the nostalgia of leaving Scope and the hangover too, Monday was my Independence Day

It started by my being one of the official bloggers for the Institute of Fundraisings National Convention Having given up the place I had from Scope to meet fundraisers, learn new ideas, skills and be inspired, it was cool to have a 3 day pass after all. Please see the videos I made for the convention

I also met with Hackney council to move the webinar series I am running for them onwards. I met Max Burt about his project to revolutionise access for disabled people. I met with a production company about some potential tv presenting, attended a channel 4 networking evening and interviewed London Transport at Kings cross. I am sure I will have more to share on these projects in time.

So I can honestly say it has been a mad, hectic and amazing first week. Next week I plan to write my marketing plan and make some phone calls about sponsoring my webinars

Until then I am hanging with my good friends AJ and Melissa, getting drunk and enjoying my first weekend self employed too. I hope you all had a good week, are enjoying your weekend and are ready to help smash some more amazing ideas out of the park with me.

I will leave you with a little project I started a while back, enjoy – My step brothers band silent house party and I wrote this song! hear more of them here