Since filming the video I grabbed a shower, had some food and gained some perspective.

No doubt the car breaking for the 5th time in 2 months i.e. when I received it new – is ridiculous. However I was so frustrated to have it break 24 hours after it was “fixed” I just cant dwell. Im very tired tonight after dealing with the car stresses, the buses and work generally. My view now is need sleep, tomorrow is a new day and I know I can make it home for the family meal.

This does however mean a bus, a train and a lift from the station in my old van (but that I cant drive anymore with a different clamping system to the wheelchair). The hassles of travel by wheelchair hey.

I will then having chilled and enjoyed my weekend return to the car Monday morning. I sincerely hope they are sympathetic and forthcoming on this because it really is beyond a joke. Sundays blog should nonetheless be after a pleasant catch up with family and friends back in cambs. night for now 🙂