Cars, trains and a charger

Well I think today is the first day I can breathe air on my left lung – sensational! I clearly need to consolidate getting rid of the infection but really hoping to be back to normal soon.

The car was collected at the local garage who have done a great job. Not being responsible for the software on the car, they have done more in 2 weeks than the other did in 10!!! The Hemel guys still need to correct one of the problems via Germany who deal with the software programming. No date for arrival yet but its progress in curing the problem not dealing in symptoms. Car adaptations have been globalised it seems.

I have kept clear from using the Hemel garage name due to the negative experience Im having but respecting their privacy. The local garage being so good deserves a massive shout out – Andy at Andys Kars ( is the nicest and most competent person I have met full stop. I am meeting him to talk about his work with disabled mechanics and inspiring talks he gives at seminars.

Plan is the cars away for longer so its the train back to London probably Wednesday followed by bus from kings x to my flat. hassles but a must do. my problem is I have been at mums for over a week without my wheelchair charger and the chairs almost of juice! its a bit like feinting in public if you’re a walky 😉 need to source a spare charger asap before the return. the trials and tribulations get wider hey. Lena my ex girlfriend is coming later in the week with her sister so need recharged batteries in chair and body to enjoy catching up with them.

Im saving the deep and meaningful blog I’ve been thinking through while ill for later in the week when it can make perfect sense in my articulation. bye for now…