Europe Without Barriers

So we’re in Italy 🙂 The European Commission funded part of this summers trip begins on Friday. Here are the places and activities we’ll be testing the accessibility of!

Europe without barriers - info

Europe without barriers - info part 2


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  1. Hi Martin,

    I’m a man with spina bifida, a wheelchair-user like you, am living in the south of Germany, live independently in my own flat, have a good job in the city hall of my town as a counselor for people with disabilities and love it to travel around the world.My favourite travel destination is Italy though the standard of accessibity in this country could be higher.

    But the mentality of the italian citizens and the italian speech is amazing. They are looking for fast solutions in the case of problems with accessibility. These solutions are not useful for a long period but they are often solutions for the moment. Because of the Italians live for the moment they don’t want to plan for years in advance, this is boring. This is the difference to us Germans. Our solutions should last the next 200 years. Often we have no idea for a little problem and that is frustrationed.

    I am very keen on your report about Italia.

    Best regards

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