What a weekend!

So works been a little busy with Sabrina having a well deserved holiday. Fortunately the cough seems to have really gone and Im back to normal energy levels. this meant with my friend jon arriving thursday night i was ready for what was to come. he arrived 12.30 after working late in his new job at the drum in birmingham – http://www.the-drum.org.uk its a great black arts group and he is working on their programme strategy. i know jon from my 1st year at uni when he cared for me. a fellow st.ives lad we found our parents lived opposite and his mum was my sisters piano teacher, yet we hadnt met before. he’s become one of my closest friends and accompanied me to australia 4 yrs ago. check out flickr for photos.

so late on friday we were interviewed by natasha at work about our trip to oz and see if theres a product scope can use around my experiences with this. was a really interesting interview, so we’ll see what comes out of it.

after this me and jon went straight to a surprise party which i helped organise for my friend bhav who is 30 today. meanwhile my new carer, beata, started work for first time ever with me at this party. i said it was fine for her to go to my flat at 11 as it was going to be late. then me and some colleagues left the party for thai food followed by a dance in a club. yesterday i gave my new carer the proper tour of my flat and how to care for me – hoisting, shower and other stuff. then we had bhavs party which she organised with many people i didnt know but it was great and in posh mayfair. jon was still here and we left at 11 to leicester square and soho for drinks and dancing. today my mum visited and we walked 5 miles around london for lunch and to get my car from work for tomorrow, was cool.

need sleep now but has been nice to be back to normal again and have a little social life. work tomorrow and still more to do but looking forward to clearing the to do list… night all