I’m now a band manager!

It’s Tuesday night, yet I am sure it is later in the week! I think with my usual routine, the preparation for launching ‘seminar in your slippers’ and with 2 drunk nights, last week has caught up with me. That and the fact I must be getting old… Actually though, I am feeling generally sparkier, and part of my tiredness has been from lack of sleep due to excitement. I really hope the seminars are a success, plus with a trip to Tenerife booked for next Thursday and spring coming I can feel the generic winter blues passing by.

My other piece of news is from my night out last Thursday with my step brother and his band mate Jack. I haven’t really been out pubbing/drinking since my 3 week chest infection last October. It was great to hang with Jamie and Jack, relax with a few drinks and see what happened in Camden. The night was very lively and most of which I cannot repeat due to legal and reputational restraints. The one thing I can divulge is I am now their bands manager!

This is less official and status sounding, but nonetheless a cool and interesting opportunity. Essentially silent house party http://www.myspace.com/silenthouseparty have been picking up fans online, have attended BBC introducing’s day of information and inspiration and are growing their reputation. The plan is with a social media push, some gigs and a little marketing nouse (I think this part is me), I can support the lads to keep their momentum up. Whether a raging success or an invigorating ride, I am looking forward to working with them in the coming months – watch this space and check them out now!

The rest of this week entails a trip to the theatre tomorrow night (after months of trying) to see Les Miserables, then AJ and Melissa popping in at mine Thursday on route to Africa, onto a leaving party Friday for a close friend at Scope and finally ‘sleep and rest’ at the weekend.

Please spread the word for the online seminar around Personalisation (email [email protected] for further info), enjoy the rest of your weeks and keep smiling 🙂