The chosen ones

Well well well, another mega week! Firstly the title is for my new facebook group. Its to look at ideas on setting up events for and/or about disabled people. To get ball rolling of ideas – meet up of young disabled people in a bar to socialise. Disabled paintballing (if it exists). A conference on modern disability. etc etc etc… join the group or email me at [email protected] for input. Every little helps 😉

So as always the working week flew and I was shattered by Friday. Monday I chilled, Tuesday went Ikea for meat balls and gravy (right touch) then bought my new paper shredder, caught-up with AJ and Melissa Wednesday which was sooooooooooo good as always, Thursday went out with David in the data team for a drink in Camden and Friday setup my wicked new techno gadget linking sky tv to my room.

Throughout the week the car sale has been going through for my old green Mercedes. I learnt to drive in this van and took my test in Coventry too. Meant a lot to become so independent while at uni. The passion wagon 😉 took me to Scotland, wales, Manchester and many other places. Having arranged the paperwork and dad to drive it to London i was up at 7.30 today to collect the buyer from Gatwick. He was an interesting guy with his job in the UN, why he needed the car adaptations and how different Guernsey is to the UK. Arriving in my flat we finalised the deal, chatted a little and then I showed him the controls before it drove off for the last time 🙁 my new car is getting better and it is cooler but the merc stood for a lot of good times with good people and was sad to watch it go off. I wish the new owner and the passion wagon well…

Having then slept 2pm -6pm i saw spurs last 2 goals, chilled online and now thinking of more food before bed and work again tomorrow. Have a good week and get involved with this new events group. I promise it will be fun 🙂