So I just tweeted about how everything is so planned in the next weeks. The tweet was tongue in cheek stating how I have fun weekends and Mexico coming. Seriously though it is crazy. I have my good friend Tinks stag do this weekend in Brighton, Im running a workshop the weekend after at the Scope campaigns conference, then its a mates party and mothers day back home. Into 20th March Kerstin from Berlin is coming to visit, weekend after guys from back home visiting, then its easter and then 10th April Cancun – aint no party like a east coast party!

Things are moving weekdays too. I got drinks arranged with many of my London people coming up, plus g head from Manchester is down tomorrow. Work wise i have some cool projects such as revamping the training i deliver for the fundraisers, end of campaign reports and setup for next years campaigns.

And of course this blog! Its lead to some interesting interactions such as Hackney council discussing possible talks to their service users, random twitter meet ups and more recently the request of running a workshop for Scope campaigns.

This moves into e-campaigning. AJ and Melissahttp://www.thelacproject.com taught me all I know on social web and i am trying to apply it to the topic of social justices especially disability. Historically we have fought as mass movements in the streets and outside buildings of power against injustice. Now we have the web we can be a larger mass in a place of even more significance than before. AJs theory is simple and effective.

1)  tell your story – this is why i am blogging to explain who i am, what i believe and my dreams

2) build a community – if you have been drawn to my blog for any reason or what i stand for then you’re in. Now its less about me and more about us.

3) call to action – its all good talking about things but what about doing? Join my chosen ones facebook group (honestly the names tongue in cheek to get interest) and lets start setting up fun and helpful events on disability and beyond.

I hope from the events will come progression and from progression more events. If you have a passion try blogging too, its a great way of expressing yourself. For me I am looking forward to carrying on with my fun schedule, continuing the blog and videos, and longer term hopefully some interesting and new things are around the corner.