Guest blog on Assisted Suicide by Peter Street

Peter has kindly agreed to write a blog on the recent news around the laws and views on assisted suicide –

I am in pain twenty four hours a day since 1982 – with both my thirty two fractures from osteoporosis and the pain caused if and when i go into status epilepticus; thankfully the epilepsy is not that often now. But the pain thing is really strange, somedays i feel like have been shot with a machine gun it feels like so many holes are burning into my spine. Other days, i am fine and working and love myself and the world. I suppose what i am trying to say is – i want to live, yes, at times i swear and want out – but that is only for a short time until i get the care and medication i need – really need and also the love i can give and receive.

Now please excuse my Americanisms within my rant. The people who seem to be shouting in favour of assisted suicide are those who seemed to have had a nice ordinary life:- (here comes the poet in me) it’s been soft ball. ( do you like that? ) Now for people like me who have
touched the line between life and death nearly as much as we/i’ve been to Blackpool can’t see what the problem is? Ok, lives have changed from softball to hardball and i am really sorry about that. This is what sometimes happens in life. You are not used to having fingers and needles shoved up/in every where and dribbles and bowels all over the
place; I can understand that – and i am sorry. But surely because such things have happened and your lives have changed beyond recognition; you can’t just say that’s it. ‘I’m not playing anymore – I’m taking my ball back!’

Before i finish – it’s interesting to note – I can’t remember any of the very people who are in favour of assisted suicide ( or to put in bluntly) want out when the going gets tough; i can’t ever remembering seeing them on the D.A.N. (Direct Action Network) lines with us -or if they ever took an
interest in disability – now maybe, just maybe if they and the media had have put their influential voices and backing behind the disability issues back then, then maybe we would have more/better care and understanding not just in the community/hospitals/Government/families but more importantly in ourselves
peter street – poet