‘THE’ Event of 2010

Wassup! Just having a lull in the weekends events and wanted to tell you about the details of a very cool particular event. After lots of mystery building up to it I can confirm all. I decided a few months back I wanted to setup an actual event for people reading the blog to attend where it could make a difference in some way. Having all sorts of ideas but nothing specific I decided to go about finding good/affordable venue, a couple of inspirational speakers and would work the rest out from there. Having landed the waterhouse restaurant in Shoreditch http://www.waterhouserestaurant.co.uk/ things started rolling. I went for 22nd May as it enabled me to sort speakers and allow people time to make arrangement and book tickets. So then I approached Natasha Wood who I know through http://www.jtsma.org.uk/ which is the charity for our disability. She is perfect having done a stand-up show in theatres in UK and USA as well as BBC one show and Gok Wan appearances. She is a lovely, funny and inspirational lady. I also managed somehow to get the beautiful model Sophie Morgan. The 2 are going to do an hour together of their life and experiences…

I then realised there is a void in my life of more fun and exciting social/leisure events. sure i go to the cinema, football, music concerts but what about more actual sporty/hobby activities. it made sense to get a group of disabled people together, discuss the things people would want to do regardless of disability. then to look at the barriers that are in the way to doing it (care, transport or other worries), but also finding solutions. finally once this is achieved i will use the info to setup the events and implement the solutions for the group joining the particular event such as lazer paintballing. sounds so much fun to me. beyond this i believe there is so much need for a portal for gaining info on newer, fun and social activities – going off with your own (not necessarily disabled friends) – and then sharing the experience with others. first we need the discussion on the general problems!!! so finally the following event has been born. i just need people to come, enjoy the talks, meet others, have fun and participate. is this for you?

sign up here – http://sunnierdays.eventbrite.com/

Are you disabled?
Think more ‘adventurous’ activities are not for you?
And even if they are adapted, there could still be reasons stopping you from getting there – care, transport, other worries?

If this sounds familiar, this event is for you!

Come and join Sophie Morgan and Natasha Wood on –

When – Saturday 22nd May 14.00-17.00.

Where – Waterhouse Restaurant, 10 Orsman Road, London. N1 5QJ

What – An inspirational hour from Natasha and Sophie. Followed by an interactive workshop for everyone on more accessible social and leisure events.

Why – Everyone should have access to an enjoyable and varied social life, lets make it happen!

Natasha Wood gave up her high flying career working at the BBC to pursue a dream to write and perform her own one woman, autobiographical stage play called Rolling with Laughter. Following her West End debut, Natasha has worked on the BBC One Show and ‘How to Look Good Naked’.

Sophie Morgan featured on her first TV show on BBC2 in 2004, in a series called Beyond Boundaries. The next series that Sophie appeared in was Britain’s Missing top Model. Her experience of discrimination in the fashion industry sparked a fire under her, which has lead her to express her passion for equality.
Email [email protected] for further details, access requirements or possible concessions!