Be Brave

Today I’d like to talk about bravery. Specifically to brands who continue to avoid disabled people because of fear.

Life is full of hurdles. Fear is a natural emotion. Without it we’d struggle to get very far in life at all. But it’ has to be in balance. With too much fear, we don’t really live. Instead of trying, experiencing and conquering – we sit still avoiding the scary unknown.

No growth. No joy. No contribution.

I often think what would have happened if my parents were too overcome with fear bringing me up. Imagine it. Having a child in a wheelchair in a world not designed for me. Imagine the school I might not have gone too. Imagine the holidays they might have avoided. Imagine friendships that might not have happened.

It would have been easier to stay home. To avoid the steps, avoid the stares (and stairs), to avoid the struggle and the fear.

This is what I feel and see with so many brands around disability inclusion. Fear of saying the wrong thing. Fear of doing the wrong action. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of cancellation. Fear of fear.

I say let’s get brave! Let’s take a step forward. Let’s get some things wrong. Let’s break some things. Let’s cause some mayhem. Let’s make a positive difference to disabled people and our families. Let’s act. Let’s evolve. Let’s create an inclusive world.

As our Purple Goat tagline says – nothing about us without us. Let’s be brave together, today.

(Feature image description: Martyn, a white male with short brown hair, is in his power wheelchair on a lift from a large coach in Madrid lowering to the ground wearing a blue checked shirt, dark trousers and maroon trainers)