The need for rest

My last general update blog was over a week ago. Along with polling accessibility comments it seems something inspired me to write more specific blogs in this time period. I was approached at work today by a PA who complemented me about my blog on care last week and gave me her blog address on disability politics from her perspective. Was nice to hear the views of PA’s are being expressed. I also received a really amazing email about my relationship blog and how important it was to write about this topic area. As you saw I learnt an important lesson about the lines of privacy when having a website, as well as ensuring I checked myself for the 50th time on the content. I was wary of writing that blog because I never want to give too much away on myself in such a personal way (believe it or not). The reactions from people close and further afield (including many of the people mentioned in the blog) were positive and saw it was a break out from a taboo for many disabled people. I am content to have opened myself up so much but would not look to do so often. I hope the use of names was seen as innocent as it occurred and I wont ever be open about someone else to that degree. Anyone present will be asked if they are cool to be in any blog.

Moving on the day to day side of last week, there was lots of really interesting meetings for my new role and lots of reading. I had a nice dinner and catch up with alessandra tuesday, watched spurs amazing win into the champions league wednesday, voted thursday before watching the exciting coverage of the election and received 693 votes myself in the local election without getting elected (i was a paper candidate for lib dems and this was planned) and finally travelled to ingfield manor school with my new team friday. we had many meetings and the headteacher also played the guitar in front of the kids to say goodbye and have a great weekend. the kids were all with complex disabilities, was so cool to meet and see their learning styles.

From getting home 5.30 friday i was shattered. since mexico i dont think i touched the floor with the new role and settling back in. so i slept 12 hours, watched tv and read, slept 10 hours saturday night and woke to read and watch more tv. oh yeah and did my post and filing. how rock n roll am i? point really is i so needed that chill out! having felt tired, almost under par and braindead i bounced into work today. busy week ahead as usual, liverpool and sheffield to deliver training for my old job, for the last time. will be sad to not train the fundraisers and see the guys from the agencies, but i am loving my new job and its challenges. then its fa cup weekend 🙂 hope u all have a good week too…