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I’m writing this post with a very happy fatigue. At last my care, wheelchair, car, house and financial situation is stable. Well, stable as it can ever be. Work projects are going so well too. As a result my health, relationships and happiness are thriving. I definitely prefer these peaks!

Care – having consolidated my direct payments after the ILF fund closed, I am relaxing for a few months. I’m now settled living in Cambridgeshire (post my London times) and have some cool new PAs providing my care.

Wheelchair – after my posture deteriorated last December I’ve had three trips to ‘wheelchair services’ without any success. Today I went and met a sales rep from V Trak. They were able to find support for my posture and head, without restricting me unnecessarily. The NHS kindly covered the costs.

here's my V Trak solution
Here’s my V Trak solution

Car – my new VW Transporter has a rear ramp, the accelerater and brake are now on my stronger right thumb, and I’m generally loving it. As I keep saying, I’ll do a video soon!

The helpful guys at Automobility Concepts
The helpful guys at Automobility Concepts

House – the new neighbours are now familiar and friendly faces. The adaptions, especially the wetroom, are vitally useful and fantastic. Our house is now a home.

Financial situation – unfortuntely my blog, Disability Horizons and Accomable  (despite the major progress and huge plans) aren’t yet paying much. But my marketing consultancy with charities and businesses is finally giving a low but sufficient regular income. Phew!

Disability Horizons – the magazine is growing in two ways. Firstly with a new website, great articles on lifestyle, and huge social media engagement; is growing lots in the UK. Secondly we’re getting popular on our Italian, Polish, and Portuguese platforms (eg. got 35,000 hits last week).

Accomable – also with its new design, Accomable has 150 properties in 15 countries (already!), we have an amazing and talented core team, a growing community and we’ve even had our first bookings. The next few months are looking very exciting.

Travelling for Work – As you already know I spoke in Madrid recently as an expert speaker. This week I’m off to Tenerife to find new properties for Accomable. Also I’m working with the Mar y Sol hotel, Lero and VRT on articles and videos about visiting the beautiful island for people with mobility difficulties. Keep an eye out this week 🙂

Then in December we’re in Barcelona at a round table discussion for the United Nations day for persons with disabilities – always held on the 3rd December. It’s for the Catalan Tourist Board.

I also found out I’ve been accepted onto a bloggers convention and accessible tour in Finland in January. Of course both trips will support Accomable and Disability Horizons.

Social Fulfillment – with a good foundation, stable health, and so on; I’ve finally found time for some purely leisure based activities. Recently I joined an adult learners evening class. I’m learning Spanish.

Plus I’ve joined the MK Dons wheelchair football club. We’re playing in the national league in Nottingham on 20th November. I’m so excited to play 7 years after I scored for my beloved Tottenham.

Me at training last Saturday
Me at training last Saturday

You Rule – Thank you for always following my ups and downs, for your kind support, and for engaging in my projects. Life is always a roller coaster but it’s nice to feel content. In feeling more secure in my basic needs, I can see how these work projects are helping so many other people. It’s so exhilarating to use my experiences, and channel them in ways others can benefit from too.

Here’s to changing the world!


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