Icing on the Cake

The title of this blog is both genuine and sarcastic. Lets get the negative, sarcastic aspect over with first. So you guys know the car had been broken, uplifted, fixed and returned twice in about a week. Well, on driving to work Friday the oil light came on. I was due to drive back to mums in St.Ives near Cambridge but this wobbled the confidence. So the RAC came, under Motabilities advice, to check it as the oil light was on but the oil level was ok, (could be oil pressure which would seize the engine apparently). They came and felt that they couldn’t check themselves – so icing on the cake number 1 was the fact, yes you guessed it, it was uplifted to the Kia garage in Chingford. To be fair to Kia this is the first actual car issue, the rest has been adaptation related. So 3 garages in 3 weeks, more phone calls to Motability, RAC and the garage = me nearly losing the plot. If I had no car I would make do, but in the theory of having a car, but it coming and going so often is not fair. I need to look at this overall and think of how to get solutions before my physical, mental and employment related health are ruined.

So – enough negativity and drama. The positive icing on the cake was post swimming, settled into new job, summer being kind of here and the world cup with us, my weekend was amazing. I went on a mini stag do for my step brothers wedding (in early July) with him, my other step brother and my step dad. A few drinks, a curry and a few more drinks before heading to St.Ives’ infamous music box equalled a nice start. I was woken by my 3 year old niece Saturday morning who has taken it upon herself to be my carer. She loves operating my hoist, getting the sling right under me and generally looking out for me. We had a stroll to town so she could buy her friend a birthday present. I also caught up with Andy from Andy’s cars which was nice. He assists disabled people to become motor mechanics

Then we watched that football match. Gutted about the result but still feeling optimistic. Think Green will be ok after the goalkeeping blunder and the wobble will drive the team on. We had a family barbecue before and I met with a couple of mates after for ‘one’ drink. Unbelievably I somehow ended up in the ‘box’ for the second night running. Was so great though to bump into people I grew up with and catch up. I didn’t drink that much but was dancing from 23.45 until 2.15 straight, my arms hurt today.

Think I will be taking this week easier, although it’s the proper stag do next Saturday. Anyway was a lovely weekend, I made it back safely despite no car (was hard getting accessible cab to the train station) and ready for more football tonight. Italy on the box this evening. Hope you are enjoying the games and if not the world cup vibe. Will check in again later this week, lots of products to build at work in the meantime and chillaxing in the evenings with the footy.