The beast

As the twitter and facebook people will know, this week has seen the return of the beast that is – the car! It had been taken away last week due to the ramp and door eventually just totally breaking. Having spent a nice week up in Yorkshire my car returned on Tuesday with the door and ramp mended. When it is changed from a normal steering wheel and foot pedals to my way, it can be tricky. Tuesday I had planned to go swimming, having spec’d out the local pool for disabled swimming hour with all of the necessary equipment I require. On switching the car over it was complaining of errors. So I had to forfeit a nice drive, instead, for a cab to attempt my much needed, de-stressing swim. We made it but only just. More of that in a bit.

Yesterday I then spoke to the garage and fixed these ‘errors’ with my PA. I jumped in the car (figuratively) and headed home, tunes blazing and sun shining. Off the back of the hard time I described in my last blog, the better feeling generally has remained and with the car back – life was going where it should again. Then a mile around the corner from home the accelerator stopped. I managed to coast it, being an automatic, into my parking space somehow. Then as I turned it off, the actual software was complaining of the brake being active. This made sense, because if the brake is on the accelerator will cut out. Question then was – if the brake was on a)how did it coast and b) why was it on?

So I realised it needs the other specialist garage in Hemel Hempstead. I called the RAC to get the tow truck. But oh no, they “want a patrol vehicle to look at it”. The guy knew me and the car from before, surprise surprise! He admits he cant fix it so we call the tow truck. By 10.30 no sign so I call to chase. Apparently he had arrived, called me but had no answer and then left. By the time he came again it was gone midnight. I Was so stressed, annoyed and tired.

Anyway the garage received it today, found some “motors touching the brake”? And have rectified it. Very weird. They feel this wont happen again. I had the car returned, but while I was waiting for my PA to assist me in making it possible for me to drive again, it was left in the disabled bay, but my badge was at home. Low and behold I got a ticket and £60 fine. Cant appeal as I didn’t have the badge on show.

Beyond this rubbish car story I really am feeling brighter. Especially with that swim! Only had 15 minutes but the freedom I gained from holding a float myself, being unsupported and able to move my limbs was amazing. Fingers crossed with the car ‘back’, swimming ‘back’ in my life and the world cup ‘back’ – life can still begin to throw me some happy time. Bring on the barbecue and England game I say!

Tonight will see me with a nice curry, glass of wine and junior apprentice final as well. Sounds like a plan. Hope you are all well.