Weekend away with a dis-abled dys-functional room

I partly did a video as didnt think i would be available tonight with the world cup final. turns out it has been a rubbish, dirty and boring affair. my bet of villa first scorer and spain 2-1 apparently is out as of the 90 mins passing. right now penalties are approaching and i felt the need to clarify a couple of things from bournemouth. partly as the video didnt cover it and partly as my face is currently plastered on the site with the video being the last post AND the permanent video.

the clarification is for those who didnt see the tweets about the disabled room we ordered. we arrived ready for a couple of hours friday afternoon on the beach. the hoist was brought upstairs and then we noticed it wouldnt go through to the bathroom. then looking in the bathroom there were 2 steps up to the loo and bath. nightmare! so mum had a very rude lady deal with her about this first. turns out she had sold us it because the real disabled rooms were sold out. she was also leaving and it was said she didnt care. on speaking to a second person they were great. they moved us into a real disabled room and all went well. i wanted to swim yesterday and they opened the ‘special’ doors too so i could access it. shows if you put up you can struggle through, if you enquire as to what the hell was going on and you may just get what you should have. good old mum!!!

so spain just scored. seems the world cup is going to espana. didnt win my bet but happy the right team won. shattered now so think its a good time to log off and nip to bedfordshire. have a good week peeps…