Mentors and Gratitude

Back in 2009 AJ and Melissa Leon helped build and mentored me through blogging, entrepreneurship and chasing my dreams.

This month at Purple Goat Agency we made our biggest deal yet. I messaged AJ to tell him about this particular milestone. True to his warmth and kindness, he sent me this bottle of premium champagne, to acknowledge the moment. Even Sunny photo bombed me from all the excitement!

Two thoughts come to mind that I’d like to share.

One is the importance of having role models, guides and mentors. We sometimes let pride stop us from accepting our limits and seeking help. When we let go and allow people in our lives to support us – well let’s just say awesome shit happens!

Secondly, and I’m a little ashamed to say this, I hadn’t really stopped to appreciate this milestone for myself. I got straight back in to the endless to-do list. That is until this gift arrived. So my other realisation is to always allow ourselves to celebrate achievement. Yes, everything else has to be dealt with. But without pause for gratitude, everything else is kinda pointless.

Finally, I’d love to hear about your mentors and how you acknowledge your milestone achievements?

Of course, all this may be a coincidence, but do they really exist or is everything going according to a higher plan? Well, now we’re too philosophical. However, this may well indicate that she likes you. It makes sense that people who find you attractive are also looking for your company – thus women want to give you the opportunity to talk to them.


  1. Great! Enjoy your efforts, energy, and accomplishments. Wish me luck, I’m also on it. Your Inspirational words motivate me to my motive!

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