Up, up and away

Quick blog here as the video shows all. Make sure the HD button is off when having trouble with slow download speeds…

Beyond the video I just want to say how I am still in awe of yesterday. To have been so well looked after, secured into the plane and have my needs understood with the controls – the day was smooth as. Raymond and Fiona are the nicest guys ever and their love for flying oozed out.

http://www.disabledflying.org.uk/index.php please go to their site, have a look around, if your interested in flying give me or them a shout and if you can spare any cash, a donation is welcome. They provide subsidised flights to disabled people so this amazing experience is affordable. send any rich trusts and companies their way too. Beyond the simplicity of enjoyment on the day, the experience shows life is for trying new things, anything is possible, and afterwards you are willing to view things more confidently.

I do not know yet if I will pursue an adapted plane to gain my pilots license (after lessons) as this is very expensive (maybe when i make my millions). however i will return for other flights and i can honestly say my mood is on top of the world. to have been so high, to see the amazing landscape and control that little plane, there was nothing on earth that mattered. maybe its escapism or maybe its a new dimension – who cares! all i know is i really can do anything and will now look to try new things when not working hard to pay for these privileges of life 🙂