Stevey G and BA Baracus

Hey peeps, decided to jump on to keep things ticking, clear couple of bits up and say hi! Since the amazing plane experience I got my lie in Sunday before bashing out the toolkit. Its all about how to e-campaign with an accompanying training format that I will do in November a couple of evenings. Its for Dislib who capacity build small disabled peoples orgs with the tools needed for sustainable campaigns.

I probably have to put my hands up and say the past few months have been busy and its caught up. However my feeling absolutely shattered is also down to some weird contracted insomnia. for the past 2 weeks sleeping before 1 has been a rareity. since tuesday night it has eased and improved. so due to hitting this wall monday and tuesday was lower key. then last night was the match. hope u saw my twitpic of the ground? the game wasnt great but Gerrard did us proud. i went with bhav, tom and david from work. was so cool driving over to the ground chatting away, grabbing some food and enjoying the game. after we were stuck for over an hour in the car park. one guy grabbed his crutch, got out the car and started on the poor unassuming car park attendants with frustration. luckily it passed over.

after another long but good day at work today i went to the cinema with clare from work. we watched the a-team! soooo cooooooooool. took me back to being 5 and having an a team style van when i went to florida with my now step brothers et al. really enjoyed the film, the roar of the cinema and chillin with clare.

so tomorrow i am working before driving back to mums for a weekend of food, sleep and tlc. feel a bit horribly tired but think with a weekend at the home i grew up i can shake the busy london stresses i have gained recently from working and playing hard. planning to ease up now before winter months roll in and i hope to have more balance of winter months with work and play ie. not being ill. may start working from home sometimes to help not burn out.

In terms of house keeping I wanted to say thanks for the recent emails, tweets and disqus comments, great to have 2 way dialogue. as u have seen i have become a little vocal on recent govt decisions. i hope to spend the weekend catching up on some emails and writing a more formal article on all this condem nonsense. till then enjoy your weekends and keep smiling the way i always do – even when a little run down 🙂