Checking in

I just checked my last blog and it was nearly 10 days ago. Worst effort since I began blogging. To be honest there has been much of the usual. No big trips or news from work, a couple of nights out but without any good or bad drama and really just continuing my chilled mode. Winter is definitely kicking in as my rods are beginning to contract with the colder climate. Always weird as my titanium rods that hold me up from my operation over 10 years ago do not cause too many problems. Just with the change in seasons they expand and contract reminding me they are there.

I am still on the Echinacea and vitamins over and above eating more healthily. At the weekend I had the most beautiful roast while tweeting up with @hellycopeland and @smegfirk. I went to school with Matt but hadn’t met Helly before. Was a great way to end the weekend having sent a colleague off after she left Scope and saw my mum, step dad and niece Saturday at the zoo. Thats not where they live by the way.

Today I was tweeting live on the Scope website and am now contemplating my CSR blog for later. Sorry to my facebook people for the multiple updates coming from my Twitter feed. Best one was when George Osbourn said “I believe the children are the future” and I commented how I never knew he liked Whitney! Other more serious ones were made too, honest. Otherwise its spurs v inter tonight and prepping for the fashion show next week with a chilled end to the week. Checkout if you or friends are interested. By for now 🙂