The meaning of life :-p

For a rare occasion I am not going to waffle or give lots of detail of my recent activities. Mainly because I learnt after a blog many moons ago that as open as I am, some people like their news kept private. Quite right too. So in the realms of some privacy for the individual who fell unwell at the weekend, and in favour of some overarching thoughts, I am keeping this broad.

The weekend generally was spent back home for my step dads birthday, with nice dinners, drinks and good times. It is always great catching up with my family and friends where I grew up. I also find nights out relaxed compared to busy London, as I am very familiar with these surroundings.

Generally since I had my epiphany of ‘health comes first’ it is like a haze has lifted from the world. Instead of rushing at a million miles an hour from work, to socialising, to extra work, to bed – I now have time to eat well, sleep well and generally feel well. This isn’t to say I have stopped, but I am just less apprehensive of my winter health worries and giving myself some slack to chill.

With this new found perspective and various recent events I now conclude the following words of wisdom 😉 we all go through this life trying to make the best of it. Some fret more than others, but we all want to be in the nicest location, on the right career path and buying things we like. Or do we? The ‘quality’ of these points are subjective both to ourselves and everyone around us. When we reach a goal we set, we tend to then set new ones. We all try to do right by ourselves and by others, but I have realised sometimes this is not possible however hard you try.

In the end life is not about the job, house, material goods you own. It is about what you make of it. As long as you are doing things you enjoy, with the people you bond with and are healthy I am starting to believe it is as simple as that. I am content to ‘try’ and worry about the things I can change, but not stress (as I have done) on the things out of my control. The weekend taught me life is too short to worry and stress. We are here once and so we have to make the best of it. ‘Carpe diem’ as the saying goes – seize the moment!