My first reggae concert

I would have usually written something sooner, but my first big night out since winter has given me a 3 day hangover – and counting! I have felt bloody awful since Saturday night. I am trying to work out if its not summery enough yet, if I have a little bug or, more likely, I cannot handle drink and late nights anymore!

Last week flew by as always. I was in Basingstoke for work on Tuesday, grabbed a few bits and pieces from Westfield shopping centre on the way back into London and had my working from home day Wednesday. I am feeling a lot better one day per week without driving and the hustle bustle of the office. I glided into work Thursday and Friday, getting lots of work at Scope done before seeing Cathy and chums Friday night. Along with some other colleagues, we celebrated her birthday and her visit to London from Luxembourg (she used to work with me – twitter name @shameaboutreay). I found a friend in a mate of hers who came from ‘Cov’ – the place I studied at! Anyone who calls Coventry ‘Cov’ knows the place fondly. Having discussed my uni years of debauchery and revelled in the nostalgia I headed home for an early one.

Saturday I slept in, relaxed with the Spurs match before driving up to Birmingham to see my good friend Jon. For those who don’t know of Mr.Morley (the poet), he was one of my volunteer carers at uni in my first year. He coincidentally comes from St.Ives too, and his mum taught my sister the piano, but we only knew this after the Cov factor. He now lives in Birmingham working for a Black arts group called ‘the drum’. Whenever I go out with Jon whether in Cambridgeshire, the midlands or Australia, we do the most random cool things. In Oz we ended up in an underground Sydney bar full of Chinese gangsters, a hidden Latino club in Melbourne and passed the “no wheelchairs beyond this point” sign on a trek near Brisbane. Saturday was no different.

We arrived around 10pm at the venue. The main act were called the Abbysinians – an old school rasta band – Jon and I were the only white guys in the building. I have my huge hip hop influence, but this was my first reggae concert. Amazing! I haven’t got so drunk in a nice way, chilled to great tunes and chatted to some of Brums finest party goers. I would recommend the drum and the Abyssinians to anyone…

Having woke up late – Jon, my PA and I took a stroll round Brum by the canal. Grabbed some good hangover food before driving back to Londinium. I have felt pretteeeee bad but struggled on through work. I am hoping a good night sleep tonigh and working at home tomorrow will get me back to normality.

I am tweeting for Scope tomorrow during the budget announcement, so watch out for that on Lets hope there is some common sense around growth and new jobs in relation to the factors disabled people face with higher costs of living, the need for support and other barriers in reaching the ‘holy grail’ of the workplace. Moreover lets hope those unable to work are supported by the state, alongside the recent policies and press on benefit scroungers etc etc. I will most likely blog on my views around the budget, so keep ya eyes peeled.

I am in Wakefield for work Thursday and have a couple of good mates visiting for the weekend. Not planning on being quite so wasted and hungover for so long into next week though – I am 28 this year chaps 😉 have a good one yourselves anyway!