One big weekend

We’ve had Cali, we’ve had the long winter of concern, we’ve had work blogs, we’ve had a few mates visit London, and we’ve had Cyprus. You think the past 6 months have been busy, wait for my weekend that just was!

The proceedings started Thursday evening when my friend Eli from secondary school arrived from Exeter. We had a quick catch up before hitting the sack and waking to the royal wedding. I am not and have never really been a royalist, apart from when I met Diana in my younger days of course. However I must say the ceremony was nice to see some tradition, bit of romance and the twist with the Aston Martin. I took notes here for my future wedding involving the wheelchair and my lady on the back with cans. Harry is a legend for arranging that.

As the planes flew over the palace, I had made my way with David and Gabi to the Southbank. The below video shows as we walked along the river to Trafalgar square, the good atmosphere and me being accosted by 4 ladies in wedding gowns. We didn’t make it to the balcony but it was great seeing the fun.

Having met with some old colleagues, Eli met me back at the flat. We hit Stokey for some good food, a few drinks and more of a catch up that evening. The cocktails flowed and the next thing we were getting a cab to Camden to find it was 2am and things were closing. Damn you alcohol! Anyway after a swift one the old man hit the sack and went out like a light.

Saturday I met with Srin to discuss disability horizons next edition. Then collected dad at Finsbury station to drive us to Chelsea for the Spurs match. Sitting in the Chelsea end, with dad as a Chelsea fan and me Tottenham was tough. What was even tougher was the fact we scored an amazing goal and I couldn’t cheer. Then they scored 2 goals that shouldn’t have been allowed. Terrible. Nonetheless it was a great day with dad, finished off with a Maccy D’s milkshake, after years!

Sunday I went back to St.Ives to see mu, took a walk to feed the ducks and watched Man City. Then that evening I met with Sam, his lady and Jimbo – mates since birth, and hit the famous music box. I got my dance at last J finally yesterday I watched my step brothers local footy league cup final. The opposition supporters were nasty, especially in front of my niece and other kids. The game was ill tempered and I have never seen my mum ready to kick off like a hooligan, brilliant. Robbie won 4-3 after extra time and I went to warm my hands up to drive back to London. I get the claw in the cold and cant operate my controls until the heater does the trick.

Anyway hope you had a good one. I am back to the grindstone and planning a chilled one next weekend, but it was definitely a great long weekend.