Lets push things forward

Since my last blog I carried out training in Bristol, drove back to mums, blew out my candles, hit St.Ives town (slept Friday night), then visited my grandparents and aunty, picked my mum up from her work reunion and met many people I knew from yrs gone by there, had dinner in the Turkish restaurant and finished clubbing with my moves at 3am this morning.

So then today I decided while spending my birthday money in Cambridge it was time to move the website on. Hopefully if you didn’t already, you know me now. You know the ‘about me’ aspects of where I have come from and also why I am doing this site in the ‘my journey page, so I want to introduce some people close to me and begin discussing some more poignant issues around my ‘daily routine’.

The video blog starts with my mum, my biggest endorser and where I get a lot of my strength from. Having given her view, the day took a turn for the worse but you can see how she keeps things positive and not worth getting stressed and down about. I hope the video really shows how I rely on technology, when it breaks I am stuck and the solution is far more complicated and tiring than for a non-disabled person.

Despite the car, I bought some nice new clothes, enjoyed Cambridge and chilling with mum and made it home in the end. Just need to give the garage the hair dryer treatment tomorrow as the car is getting a joke.

PS we got home 5 hrs after the car first broke down, not 5 hrs after leaving the station… 

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