Official launch of Disability Webinars – inspire. inform. change

Did you guys read my last post about my first month into self employment? I hope it inspired and engaged you on the risks but also pleasure I am taking in my projects. To work full-time on my passion and purpose: “to change the world for disabled people; by inspiring and informing through new media”, is amazing.

I have been blogging for 2 years and I want to clarify that this aspect will continue and will not be commercialised. Also, as I roll out my other projects with delivery partners (such as disability charities and Local Councils), I want to deliver them direct to you, my loyal blog readers and Twitter followers. This is why I am writing today, very excitedly, to launch the first in my ‘disability webinars’!!!…

To improve the information I deliver to you I am running a series of 5 webinars for disabled people, their friends, family and disability professionals. The key feature of this is being able to give, receive and discuss inspirational information online, in part, through my personal story. Having been disabled since birth, I know about the challenges, difficulties and complexities at every stage of life.

I hope you will join me in this informal setting where I explain how my parents, and later I, accepted my limitations, identified the barriers in the way of my goals and then grabbed life.

The content looks at bringing up a disabled child, the teenage years, then onto Independent Living; finding accessible accommodation, receiving care and how to enjoy leisure or travel anywhere and everywhere. You can attend as many or as few as you wish.

I share in each session the importance of:

  • Having a positive mindset
  • Accepting certain things will be more difficult and take longer
  • Picking your battles
  • Having perseverance and creativity
  • Celebrating achievement and then setting the next goal

The webinar technology is simple. You will be guided with friendly instructions throughout. There is no need to travel to a venue either, just watch and relax at your nearest computer. Each seminar gives quick, helpful and applicable advice. All attendees will leave with specified learning outcomes.

Plus it is free to attend! (A big thanks to the sponsors – Flourish and Future Fundraising)

If you’re struggling to picture how a webinar works, here is a 10 minute preview of a past webinar I presented on personal care

Here is an explanation of the first webinar, the outcomes you can expect to receive and the link to sign up:

Webinar 1 – Parents of a disabled person

Every story begins at the start (I know, genius statement). Every disabled persons’ life begins the same as anyone elses too. However once a disability is diagnosed (not always near to birth, of course) it can be the parents who make key decisions and write those first chapters. I give so much credit and respect to my parents for why I am the positive/proactive person I am today. I want to share my rare and unique perception as a grown disabled adult on those vital early years.

This webinar is aimed towards parents, guardians and carers, but this is not to say disabled people or anyone with a general interest cannot join. The more the merrier! The outcomes will be:

  • Understanding the complexities and importance of a disabled childs ‘firsts’ (nursery, school, a friends party, socialising with friends independently)
  • Exploring inclusion vs having the right support in place
  • When/how to seek expert help and assistive equipment
  • A realisation you’re not alone, your child can excel and you can enable that

There is also the chance at the end to ask me any specific questions you have.

Date: Wednesday 17th August @ 19.30 GMT
Sign up link:

Also click here to watch a video I have made explaining my online learning page, then scroll down to read about the 4 other webinars, their outcomes and the sign up link

Please pass this on and share with anyone you know who will benefit, especially any parents of a disabled child for webinar 1. Make sure you sign up soon as spaces are limited

As always please get in touch with any questions or feedback. I really hope that ‘disability webinars’ will be the beginning of something huge in social change for disabled people!

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