Rest, Reflection, and Resilience: My Refreshing Trip to Poland

In my previous post, I shared my excitement about embarking on a trip to Poland and how I documented every memorable moment along the way. Now that I’m back home, I can confidently say that this journey was filled with fun, relaxation, and a much-needed break from the demands of everyday life. As I reflect on my time in Poland, I realise the value of rest, the importance of gratitude, and the power of resilience. Join me as I recount my experiences and share the newfound energy and optimism I’ve gained from this trip.

The Novelties of Traveling by Boat:

One of the highlights of my trip was the unique experience of traveling to and from Poland by boat. While it was certainly a novelty, I discovered that my preference still lies with the familiar train journey to Calais and driving from there. Moreover, I’ve realised that having multiple hotel stops, as opposed to a single stopover after the train, allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable journey with the drive. These small iterations have helped me fine-tune my travel preferences, making future trips even easier.

Rest and Reflection:

During my time in Poland, I had the opportunity to truly rest and recharge. This period of respite allowed me to appreciate the tremendous energy I gain after taking a break. It also provided me with the chance to miss Sunny, our beloved Golden Retriever. There’s something truly special about coming back home and being reunited with the unconditional love and joy a pet brings. It reminded me of the importance of finding solace in the simple moments of life.

Gratitude for Amazing People:

As I reflected further on my trip, I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the amazing people in my life. From supportive friends, family and care assistants, to the exceptional individuals at Purple Goat agency, who continually inspire me with their brilliance, I am fortunate to be surrounded by a network of incredible individuals. Their presence and encouragement have played a significant role in shaping who I am and continue to inspire me as I push forward with my life and work projects.

Embracing Resilience:

I’ve come to appreciate the importance of resilience more recently. Dealing with unexpected access challenges tested my patience. However, the rest allowed me to tap into my inner strength and face these hurdles head-on. I’ve learned the value of resilience, the ability to find strength when I feel like giving up, and the importance of focusing on the things I can change rather than dwelling on the things I cannot.

Looking Ahead:

Having spent quality time abroad, regaining more energy, and solidifying my foundations, I’m now ready to turn my attention back to work. The clarity I’ve gained during my rest is immense. Stepping back has allowed me to understand the significance of the past year, identify my goals for the future, and feel energised and motivated to bring my visions to life. In my next post, I’ll be sharing these plans, and the activities I’m eager to engage in.


As I conclude this post, I want to emphasise the importance of rest, reflection, and resilience. Taking the time to recharge our bodies and minds is crucial for our overall well-being and enables us to approach challenges with renewed vigor. By nurturing gratitude for the amazing people in our lives and finding strength in adversity, we can unlock our full potential and achieve our goals. Remember, even in the face of setbacks, it’s crucial to believe in ourselves and never let the bastards get us down.

Safe travels, my friends, and may the road ahead be filled with adventure, growth, and boundless possibilities.