Happy Horizons

Hello and welcome back to a written blog – by me!

For those who’ve followed my posts the past 4 years, you’ll know the following:

– I’m always working on something
– I’m always planning the next big thing
– In summer I work hard and play hard, and am physically stronger
– In winter I’m tired, weaker, wary of illness and more reflective/philosophical

One thing that is for sure – my brain and mouth never stop! 🙂

This winter was one of my best: I was strong healthwise, very enjoyable time in Spain and I was productive with the access project. However, I was struggling to capture these months and moments on my blog.

But why?

My message to disabled people has always been grab life and never say ‘never’. My message to non disabled people is question your views on disability, act to help if appropriate and grab life more too. I realise now my problem was I was trying to be more cutting edge, innovative and new in how I achieved this.

When I wrote down more specifically who I think reads my blog, I came up with this list:

– parents of disabled children, looking for information on a more positive future for their child
– disabled teenagers, needing a little inspiration and belief in their own future
– disabled adults, looking for some tips on how to break out from traditional service provision and go for their life goals
– people working in the disability field, looking for a cool case study to share
– everyday people, interested in the life of a disabled person and using my achievements as a nice kick up the bum

It’s therefore impossible to tailor a post for all of these people, and in a new original way. Now I see that this is not important. I know just by telling my story, one of millions in the world, it has and will be of use to you awesome people, however simple. The difference is just me and my antics.

So, as I head out of winter reflection mode into summer action mode, I have pledged to act more (however small it seems) and think less.

Right now, I’m feeling good, seeing my loved ones lots, enjoying an evening glass of vino and excited about life!

Stay tuned for some exciting new projects! I will be telling you about my job as presenter and an award I won with Vodafone.

Please comment here or tweet me on your news, plans and thoughts. I’d love to hear from you…

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  1. I can’t tell you how good it feels to witness you so upbeat and energized!

    I hope your plans include you and Srin getting your butts over to my neck of the woods so we can hang out! 😉

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