A Roadmap To Equality

The end of 2014 was tricky, and it appears that ‘firefighting’ problems can be the ultimate creativity killer! Then Christmas seemed to just come and go again, and it’s now time to welcome in another New Year. Despite having another winters cough I’m ready, with your assistance, for some big new challenges in 2015.

Whilst my personal time and energy remain (and seemingly always will be) on keeping my basic foundations steady, I’ve had some much needed thinking space. I find it very useful to switch off from the noise at this time of year. To dream and float and get creative and let my imagination run wild is vital.

Firstly, I was reawaken to some goals I already had set, and some brand new ones too. Such as appreciating the smaller things in life, reading more, learning more, looking after my health, stressing less about things I cannot control (eg. government cuts), spending quality time with loved ones, having fun regularly, and seeing more of the world.

For my blog, Disability Horizons magazine, our Social Enterprise (including the creative agency & our ‘coming soon’ digital products) I realised we need to be bolder! My belief is that together we can solve more of these pointless and annoying problems we face everyday.

This is where you guys come in!

We need to share and understand the problems, needs and wants of disadvantaged people (you can leave answers in the comments section below).

1) Which of these are most important for you to live as an equal citizen? Removal of societal barriers (physical, attitudinal and procedural), or having access to empowering opportunities/tools to overcome the barriers?

2) Do you think the private, public or voluntary sector should invest in these changes?

3) With a passionate community like Disability Horizons; what actions do you think we should take together in 2015?

4) What would you personally do for your first step towards equality?

Despite the sometimes inaccessible environments we face, the negative attitudes, unsupportive policies, funding cuts and more; I remain ever the optimist.

By collating our joint wishes, deciding upon realistic solutions, approaching those who can help us, never giving up and constantly progressing; equality can one day be ours.


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