Feeling bloody good

It’s been a while since I wrote a general ‘what I’m up to, how I’m feeling, what I’m planning and what I’m fearing’ post. If you follow my blog and social media, you’ll know what I’ve been up to and therefore won’t hold it against me. It’s been a busy time…

In 2013 I’ve tried to balance my life. The difficulty of being a family man, with a love for travel is that both cannot be tended to in the same moment. The difficulty of enjoying personal freedom and having worldly experiences is not having a money machine. The difficulty of running a world changing business and loving to read a good book is having a lack of time.

Overall I think I’ve succeeded though.

In the past 10 months I’ve spent some great times with my loved ones, and lived in Spain for 3 months, visited the Canary Islands, enjoyed a month in Poland and traversed the whole of the UK. I’ve stuck to my own schedule, and funded both myself and many new awesome projects. I’ve kept my company going and managed to read  a book or two. I’ve also realised that there will never be enough hours in a day!

As I sit here feeling proud of these achievements, enjoying a rare opportunity to chill at home and contemplating what’s next; I’ve had 3 main thoughts:

– I’m fearful of not balancing all of these factors forever. My comfort is in knowing that the fear motivates me to keep all of my plates spinning.

– I’m starting to realise how I’ve managed to do these great things. My next thought is whether this emerging conscious strategy is of use to others and how to best share it with them.

– I’m already planning new projects for the Disability Horizons community, for future travel and for my future self.

To encapsulate my current state: I’m feeling bloody good!

As long as I can keep my health, see my family happy, have a working wheelchair/car/hoist, an accessible home and a base income; I’m content. The foundations are vital.

Then to continue progressing Disability Horizons, unleash new creative projects, and explore new parts of this beautiful world; means the world will be improving on disability issues that little bit more.

The cherry on top has been realising I need to do less, but more wisely (thanks Gaina). To reflect on things, rest more, read about new things, and to enjoy the moment is so so important.

I’ve found that from understanding our journey, acknowledging all that is good now and then dreaming big really works. Everything I dreamt of three years ago came true.

Imagine what could happen if I now dream of a perfect world, work creatively and efficiently for that, and enjoy the ride. Then imagine if everyone dreamt and did their bit towards this too. It could actually come true 🙂

No stairs, No prejudice, No discrimination…

As my beloved Tottenham Hotspurs motto ‘Audere est facere’ says: to dare is to do!

Martyn Sibley

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