The winding and undulating road of life

You may have noticed a calmer, quieter and more reflective tone since the John o Groats to Lands End trek. My last two posts have outlined my recent life worries and current needs from a business perspective. Neither were overtly negative, but necessarily aware within a moment.

Beyond these specific needs, life has been rattling on at a great rate! The #whatdisability trip, understandably, took a lot out of me. In feeling physically lower in energy, hitting winter time and having had neglected my life’s foundations, I’ve been dealing with the following varying life activities:

– I’m looking into getting some physio and going swimming more, as my joints have got very tight. I’m viewing this in the way non-disabled people need to go to the gym

– I’ve been enjoying quality time with Kasia, catching up with friends and family: Especially with my beautiful nieces

– Fixing my wheelchair. Despite the new tyres and motors kindly given by Invacare, the wheelchairs computer module blew soon after the trek, costing me £400

– My adapted car has had a faulty battery. After the RAC jump started it 4 times, Motability funded a full repair. Having not driven in a while, I’m a little anxious, but I’m going to get back behind the wheel asap

– I recently completed the sale of my London flat, and am now based back in Cambridgeshire, near family and my childhood friends

– As a consequence I’ve had to go through the very painful process of finding an accessible house, moving my social care budget, having an OT assessment and updating all of the bureaucratic documents in life (as well as the annual accountant meeting)

– I’ve also been getting the Disability Horizons team, strategy and processes in place. Furthermore I’ve been seeking paid work and continuing the blogging and tweeting

– Being at home means I’ve had the stability to read more books, watch more movies, and even write some poetry (for the first time ever!)

– In general this has meant sticking to a constantly busy diary; ensuring all phone calls, text messages, social media channels, emails and Skype meetings are fulfilled. My learning from last year was to not travel anywhere for work. I love technology!

‘Busy’ doesn’t even do all of this justice. However whilst I feel tired, this type of schedule has always invigorated me. There’s also a sense of achievement in surviving these consistently unnecessary ‘tasks of a disabled dude’, as well as navigating the general roller coaster of life.

Sometimes life can and does suck – but what else can you do? Just keep on trucking!

In feeling physically recovered from the trip, mentally stimulated, relieved that I navigated the past months and knowing my foundations are much more stable; I’m starting to relax, enjoy the moment, and even sketch some new plans.

I’ll save the new plans for another post. In the meantime I wanted to share this thought with you.

No matter how tired, how scared, how offended, how bored, how stressed, how down you feel – remember that someone else is feeling worse, someone is there wanting to help you, and if you never give up; better times will always lay ahead.

Just believe in yourself, find your own way, and always ignore the negative influences around you.

Martyn Sibley


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