Purple Brands

Estimated at $6 trillion globally and £269 billion in the UK alone.

Yet businesses still have inaccessible products and services, as well as discriminatory recruitment in the workplace. Disabled people face double the unemployment levels to non disabled people!

Not only is it morally wrong and illegal (Equalities Act 2010), businesses are turning away customers.

The real truth is this though. Millennials and Generation Y consumers want more than products with features and benefits. They want a sustainable world and people treated equally.

We’ve seen it with green brands. Now is the time for businesses to become purple brands. Authentic brands that believe in leaving nobody out.

Rather than get all negative, what brands do you know that are doing well already for inclusion?

I would say @holidayinn @virginatlantic and @marksandspencer are on their way.

Martyn Sibley

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– Presenter and Speaker @ visablepeople.com.
– Adviser @ Governments/Businesses/Charities.

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