14 Technology Wishes for my Independence

Being a social model advocate I’ve spent a lot of time enjoying my own differences (like having SMA) and educating society to remove those disabling barriers. On the topic of empowering technologies I do use a hoist, electric bed and wheelchair as enabling devices. Otherwise I’m very dependent on people.

More recently I have been thinking that with all the new technology and apps, does it have to be this way? In reality I will need people around a lot (for friendship and fun if nothing else). However with some innovation, I believe I might not need to be as dependent as I might have once thought.

In the true spirit and trend of list articles, here’s my top 14 technology wishes. I’m sure some solutions already exist, in which case please share any links on the comments section for everyone to see. Also I’m apprehensive of the costs, so if you’ve any bargains or funding tips for everyone please share these too.

1) Turning me at night – At present I need help to move and get comfortable in the night. Instead of waking my PAs it’d be nice to do it with a remote control. Unless someone is in the room with other intentions 😉

2) Holding my urine bottle – Too many people have had to see ‘mini-me’. I’d love to have a wee in private.

3) Bum wiper – Enough said already! 🙂

4) Shower support – I like to sing, especially in the shower. It’d be great to be thoroughly clean and all sung out without an audience here.

5) Dressing me – I’m thinking Wallace and Gromit now. I’m not a morning person, and making small talk while having my trousers put on gets tedious.

6) Lifting into wheelchair – Continuing the Wallace and Gromit theme, it’d be so cool to go from bed to wheelchair without assistance. Hey, maybe they are the same thing? (Ie. Transformers, disabled people in disguise).

7) Support for arms – I used to be able to scratch my head by crawling my hand up my nose. My step brother and cousin still recreate the amusing tactic. Unfortunately the SMA has bit harder and I can’t do that. What if my arms were supported or my wheelchair had arms? The opportunities would be endless.

8) Cooking food – Truth be told I probably have a good excuse with my disability to avoid this chore. What if I planned, purchased and prepared a nice dinner for my chef robot to finish the job?

9) Opening doors – this one’s pretty obvious. Something I’m going to look into at home after my Accessible Tourism Roadtrip.

10) Going on sandy beaches – Most wheelchairs don’t go on sand. Why not? It’s 2015 Invacare, Sunrise Medical and so on… R&D time.

11) A flying wheelchair – Remember Inspector Gadget? “Go Go Gadget Wheelchair Helicopter”! Now I’m smiling at the adventures I could have here. Invacare and Sunsrise Medical, call me. This could be huge! 😉

12) Perfect and instant voice dictation – This will be more and more necessary for me in the future. I’m wary of getting started because I remember Dragon Dictate as a kid. It took ages to train my voice to the computer. Is this still the case?

13) Stretch my limbs (carefully) – I always hated physio but I need it more. I’m 31 now peeps. However I can’t afford private physio and the state won’t help. Roll out the robot physio?

14) Mixing cocktails – Nom nom nom. This would be used by everyone – disabled or not. Mojito por favor!


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  1. While we can easily procure drones that fly and take pictures/movies/ even follow you autonomously and computers that can talk and even anticipate there is so much tech designed and marketed for entertainment.

    The question must be addressed to the R&D of the companies with the skills and resources to address the activities you raise, i must however question the wisdom of a singing aid.

  2. I can’t get on with Dragon it is so annoying!!!! I have a speech problem due to ME and it ends up putting extremely questionable words ?

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