Another global success

So I’ve returned! Apologies for the radio silence; its been quite a couple of weeks.

To fill those of you in who don’t follow my social media; I’m in Spain – again! I set off on the 15th January, this time by car, and headed through France on yet another adventure. Kasia and I left just as the snow hit the uk, which was lucky.

Having navigated the ferry and some rough waves, I took to the French roads quickly. I did ask for some second opinions at junctions with my travel companion (my head movement and driving on the wrong side of the road warranted this!). Overall the roads were good, but the tolls expensive.

We stopped in Rouen, when I posted about the social care crisis for Scope. This stop was really for food and sleep. The second stop, after 7 hours of driving (yes my accelerator thumb was sore), took us to Bordeaux. What a cool and beautiful place! Great restaurants, sights and wine 🙂

On the third day of driving we hit a dark, wet and windy north Spain. This was by far the toughest part for me. My energy was low and concentration difficult to come by. On arriving in Bilbao for the last stop; I glugged some lovely red wine by the sea.

So, on Friday 18th January we arrived in Aviles, Asturias. Following a welcome party at a concert, sleep was priority. I was knocked out!

Since then I’ve settled back into my room, the same from last year, and seen old faces. My project is funded by the EU Grundtvig project and last year it was ‘youth in action’ – however my responsibilities are similar:

– I have my own radio show
– I teach English
– Trying to learn Spanish
– Delivering talks
– Proposing other workshops
– Finishing our accessibility video

The aim is to learn from Vanes organisation here and share my own knowledge too. I’m really enjoying it and can already see benefits for all.

I’m here until the end of March. Afterwards its back to London and planning new projects/collaborations. In the meantime I’m making the most of my Spanish dream: part 2.

Tune in for some more meat on the bone next time. Also let me know your news and thoughts too. Hasta luego.