Visiting Homelands Trust in Scotland

I’m often found on social media discussing accessible travel, and inclusion in general. It’s less usual to find accessible accommodation vendors mingling in the same social media buzz. So when Jan Kerr from Homelands trust in Fife kept appearing in the same facebook groups, I was very interested to hear more about their luxury accommodation near Edinburgh.

Luckily for Kasia and I, we were subsequently invited to stay and write a review. This post is of our experiences over a 3-night weekend stay.

Our trip started on Thursday 8th September. We decided to break up the 6 hour journey with a stop in Hartlepool. As it was approximately half way. However, in starting later in the day (with less hours to cover off), we hit rush hour traffic near Leeds and ended up taking 5 hours to Hartlepool. The next day we also hit the rainy Friday afternoon traffic around Edinburgh. So we were a little aggrieved about the drive, the weather and the tiredness we’d hoped to avoid.

The good news is that the negativity stops right here. Upon arriving at Homelands, the coastal view calmed us down. Then the accommodation itself put a huge smile on our faces. It was huge. It was luxurious. It was exactly what we needed.

Martyn at Homelands TrustSeparate to the long drive, I’d been working very hard in the days/weeks running up to the trip. So this relaxing environment and super adapted property was just the right way of decompressing and leaving behind any stressing.

We stayed in one of the four bedroom options. There are two bedroom solutions available also. Whilst I couldn’t go upstairs, it did not matter – with everything I could possibly need being downstairs. There was literally no detail left out.

homelands-trustIt had a large open plan design from the kitchen to the dining area and into the lounge. Both bedrooms had electric beds and overhead ceiling hoists. As did the bathroom, which had a Clos-o-mat toilet and wetroom shower. There were even spare manual hoists and shower chairs! It was a level of accessibility and assistive equipment like no other.

Along with the hotel I mentioned in San Sebastian, it’s got me thinking about how our home could be more adapted too. At present I use a manual hoist due to the leasehold property rules. However once we get a bungalow I know exactly what to do there 🙂

Beyond the delicious food we made, mugs of tea sipped, wine glugged, books read and music listened too (with a movie for good measure); there was exploring to be done.

Fortunately the guys had prepared a book on using the lodge, and on nearby attractions. In feeling tired we didn’t want to go far or crazy. So one day we took a walk to the nearby farmshop. In the surprisingly hot sun. Another day we walked to Largo bay and enjoyed the sea, boats and Crusoe hotel.

You see, Robinson Crusoe was a character written about by Daniel Defoe. But he was based on a real person called Alexander Selkirk. The real Crusoe was left on a desert island near South America and survived against all the odds. As in the book. Alexander Selkirk was from the area of Homelands trust. So we dreamed out to the sea of our adventures – past, present and future!

Even just to sit in our garden for those 4 days was amazing. Looking out at the waves and across the harbour to Edinburgh; it really energised us beyond any expectations. The great access, bright design, homely comforts, and surrounding attractions made our stay very happy, enjoyable and memorable.

We would definitely return again at the drop of a hat! Furthermore our journey home took 6 hours, with a 1 hour rest break, and I did all the driving myself. Amazing what a rest and ambitious plans can do for you…

The Drummochy lodge was one of multiple options at Homelands trust. I’ll let their website talk you through the other facilities there. Needless to say our accommodation was one of a variety of beautiful Seaview properties.

Signing off from my Scottish adventure.

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