You sent me to… Edinburgh!

Greetings blog readers! For those viewing this soon after I had written this post, it is Monday 17th October, and for my lovely subscribers receiving this via email it is Tuesday 18th October. However you came to read this I hope you are all well.

As you will have no doubt seen or heard, its been quite a few weeks. The ‘3 wheelies and 1 New York’ video shows the amazing time I had in New York and I am writing a post soon on the details of what we did in the Big Apple. I then worked 2 days for the beeb as a presenter for the BBC London show ‘Inside Out’ and learning how to do ‘pieces to camera’ with no prior training: it was a steep but fun learning curve. This was soon followed by my first ever keynote speech at a conference (also shown on my recent video footage). Last week was less travelled and crazy, but I did have lots of work to catch up on and I completed my webinar series on the blog. You can see the video here Along the way, I also was interviewed by comedian Richard Herring for his radio 4 show. I then proceeded to attend the live recording at BBC broadcasting house and hear our chat played back. Funny as! This will air in November sometime, as will my presenting debut.

So, the purpose of this post relies on a test of your memory and engagement 🙂 You may remember or even have voted on where to send me? Well, as the results show Edinburgh won out with 49%, closely followed by Manchester. I have since done the usual disability traveller routine of prepping and planning, especially around my recently crazy schedule. On Tuesday 18th 2011 at 9.00am I am leaving Kings Cross for the 4 hour trip north of the border!

I am hoping to link up with some organisations in the city to talk about my work. I am also delivering my webinar for Scope at 7.30pm from my hotel room. How cool is that? You can register here Whilst on my trip, as you saw on my article the wish to see more beautiful parts of the UK, I am seeing a friend from my Coventry university days. Claire lives near Edinburgh and I am visiting her home town of Kinghorn. It will be great to see her after 7 years and I am sure she will be looking even more beautiful than I remember. She has promised to show me Edinburgh too.

Of course I will make a video showing the trip, the travel, the new places, the people and the unknown happenings. So, thanks for voting and choosing to send me somewhere as great as Edinburgh. Who knows where it might be next time 🙂

Take care, M