Alcudia Experience

I’ve been on my travels again! Less than a year after working with Handisport Mallorca, I was back there recently. Having enjoyed the sights and sounds and tastes of Palma, this time our group of European accessible travel influencers arrived for #AlcudiaExperience.

The Perfect Start

Kasia and I landed late afternoon. The sun was warm and shiny. Our favourite bus driver was there to greet us. Hugo is always smiling, friendly, and very professional. We waited for fellow blogger Miguel to arrive from Zaragoza. Then headed to our hotel to meet Steffi from Germany, and the rest of our group.

That evening we all headed out and ate delicious Mallorcan food in Alcudia. The courtyard was magical. Our waitors were students from the hospitality college, who excelled. After some wine and too much food, we were ready for sleep!

The hotel was called Zafiro Tropic. It had ramps into the reception area. Which was nice and open plan. There was a pool, spa, evening entertainment, and a restaurant. The room had a kitchen, lounge, bathroom, bedroom and balcony area. Handisport arranged my hoist, and I flew with my shower chair.

There was unfortunately a small ledge into the bathroom. So I hoisted onto my shower chair in the lounge. Using that over the loo and in the shower (as the hoist was too heavy to lift over the ledge). The bed had room under it for the hoist, which is unusual and very welcome.

Out and About

After a great sleep and enormous buffet breakfast, we were off heading to the marshes of Maristany. It was to take in the nature and do a bit of bird watching. It was a quick stop, but a pleasant one.

A pensive view for the morning 🙂

Next stop was the beach! “Vamos a la playa” as the Spanish song goes (meaning we go to the beach). All of the paths were wheelchair accessible. There was an accessible portaloo. Plus there was an amphibian chair to go in the sea. It was tricky for me to get out of my chair and change after a swim, so I whimped out.

This is the life

We then had a midday drink and snack next to the beach. Before heading to a golf course for lunch and a tour. It’s not an understatement to say I was full by 3pm 🙂 The food was awesome. Plus the tour was picturesque.

The A Team

After this we had a meeting scheduled at the Zafiro palace. A sister hotel to ours, and very regal. There were multiple pools, ramps everywhere, and generally a great place. After some tapas we headed back nearer to our hotel for dinner.

Now I’m not such a ‘foody’. I mean I like well cooked and tasty food. Plus I’m getting more adventurous in recent years. But the ‘posh nosh’, as its sometimes known, isn’t my biggest reason for travelling.

The meal that night at Terrace Mirablau was spectacular. I keep salivating when I remember that Angus steak. It’s the best steak I’ve ever had! Apparently this restaurant is known for amazing food. So I’d definitely recommend a visit when you’re there.

Caves, Slides and Olive Groves

On the next day we started at Passeig Maritim, and enjoyed a boat trip with “Alcudia Sea Trips” to Coll Baix. It was impossible to get my electric chair onto the boat. So I put my transit seat underneath me in the morning, which I use to get on the aeroplane. Then Handisport took my shower chair in their car. So I could be lifted by 2 mariners, and enjoy the ride from my shower chair.

Not ideal. But very much worth it. After a while we arrived at the bay. It’s really difficult to get to by land. Making it very precious. There were these huge cliff faces, with a beach hidden in one spot, and caves only accessed from diving underwater. It was like being in Pirates of the Caribbean!

Where’s the treasure?

After three hours it was nice to get back in my chair. The bus then took us to the ‘HidraPark’ or waterpark. Full of pools, slides, and other fun inflatables; kids and adults alike were having lots of fun. After the accessibility tour, we had yummy paella, fast becoming a favourite dish of mine. Then headed to a nearby olive grove.

It was so cool there. Thousands of trees, all for gastronomy. We learned how they tend to the trees, harvest the olives, bottle the oil, and distribute it. Olive oil and olives. All from a beautiful spot in Mallorca.

Just need a beer now

Joyous Culture

After another beautiful meal at hotel Alcudiamar, which had an infinity pool overlooking the port, (and after sleep) we visited the Yanick and Ben Jakober Foundation. Also known as the Museum Sa Bassa Blanca. I was pleasantly surprised there too.

Being the last day, we were all a bit tired. It was raining, which is obviously unusual. Plus I’ve gotten sceptical of museums, as they can be a bit ‘samey’.

It turned out EVERYTHING was part of the exhibition. Yanick and Ben were artists, with many influential friends. Having accumulated many different artefacts over their life, they had the building purpose-built for their collections. And for their famous friends to exhibit inside too.

Every floor, wall, ceiling and doorway was customised for a multitude of things. Each doorway was a different size, to hold different doors from across the world and ages. The tiles on the floor were captivating. The ceilings were from churches hundreds of years ago. There were Moroccan and ancient Spanish influences. Alongside modern and contemporary pieces being exhibited.

The sculpture room, placing the old next to the new

As I sat with my last lunch of the trip, contemplating our visit and how I can’t eat for a week, I was awe struck by the museum. The vision. The different cultures. The architecture. Just wow. It was totally accessible too, with a lift and toilet. They really covered everything.

I think what really struck me was what the foundation stood for. Particularly in such turbulent times. You could see how different people, over different ages, had travelled and benefited from diversity.

We need this message more than ever at present!

When are you visiting Alcudia?

Whether or not museums and world peace are your thing. I’m sure Alcudia would absolutely be for you. The climate is brilliant. The tourism businesses are getting more and more accessible. The food is delicious.

Alcudia is your oyster!

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please do get in touch if you have any questions on Alcudia, Mallorca or travel in general.


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