Heating things up this spring

What a few weeks. Indeed what a few months. Its been a really tough winter for me unfortunately. Whilst we’re still not seeing steady warm sun just yet, things have slowly picked up the past fortnight.

Most of all it was good to feel normal after 4 weeks of fighting and recovering from the flu. It was a really nasty bout. Made worse by being in Mallorca and away from home when it struck. Luckily Kasia knew what food and supplements to give me. So I didn’t need to see the doctor or take antibiotics. Plus I enjoyed lots of Netflix binge watching. Turned out I missed nada in Alcudia with it raining the whole week.

I’m sure my work has seemed quieter just because I was ill. I did have to cancel or reschedule a few things. Either way things are really hotting up professionally now. Both in my plans and in immediate work load.

I’m planning to blog a bit more again here. Covering my news, podcasts, personal development videos and anything else on my journey. Its always enjoyable to share it with you and I know you get a lot from my posts. On social media I’ll share more short and snappy videos too. Kind of a behind the scenes as things happen vibe.

I’m still freelancing for Open Inclusion and SMA Support UK/SMA trust. On Open Inclusion we’re supporting great businesses to be more inclusive, so they can reap many types of benefits. At SMA Support UK I’m running the Adult Insight Group, facilitating peer to peer support, and we support the charities work. This weekend is the big conference in Stratford upon Avon. Which I’m very excited about.

Three pieces of exciting one-off client work happened. I spoke at the Bank of England on behalf of their disability network, raising diversity awareness to all staff there. I MCd an event on pan disability partnership working on behalf of the Cambridgeshire Alliance for Independent Living. Sadly it was their last event before closing due to lack of funds. A scary sign of the times. Lastly I’m presenting 3 mini documentaries for the Toyota mobility foundations #mobilityunlimited challenge.

More to come on the filming and the challenge for an innovative wheelchair soon.

On Disability Horizons we have launched our personal development project. Simply sign up for the ‘Ultimate Disability Survival Guide’ below or on www.disabilityhorizons.com. You’ll get a series of welcome emails. Plus an exclusive invitation to our DHorizons Tribe. In there you’ll join 650 current members. All for support and to view our infamous master classes.

Never one to stay still, we’re working with some members on how to create impactful societal change. Watch out for new projects on health & social care, access to employment/goods/services, more positive news stories, and useful technology innovation.

Things are heating up! 🙂

Anyway. I hope you’re well. Please get in touch with any ideas or support for our work. Our community is the power for us to all make change!

See you soon…

Martyn ‘back and on form’ Sibley

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