Carrie-Ann Lightley – A Kindred Spirit

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved travel. Well, the flying with a wheelchair bit not so much. Plus some of the expenses take a lot of saving up for. But I digress. The thrill of the adventure. The education from a new culture. The reflections on our own life from that new perspective.

Travel. Is. Great!

Even when things go wrong its good. We learn more about the world, ourselves and whats possible. When things go well, its paradise. From hot beaches to fresh mountains. Scenic cities to rural beauty. Relaxation to sight seeing.

Its all wunderlust to me.

Meet Carrie-Ann

Its not unusual to find other people who like travelling. In my line of work I also know many disabled people. However it is not so usual to meet a real kindred spirit for accessible tourism. Luckily a few years ago I met Carrie-Anne from Tourism for All. Not only does she love travelling, but she’s also a blogger. It’s honestly hard to get a word in edgeways between the two of us when we get together 🙂

Carrie-Anne runs the information service for the UKs accessible tourism charity. This involves supporting disabled people and their families with the right information for their travels. It also involves supporting businesses on how to be open and accessible for disabled travellers.

In her spare time she is with her husband Darren and her beautiful dog traversing the sights of Cumbria. Somehow she still finds time to go abroad for blogging trips. Just like the one we recently both attended in Madrid, Spain.

Carrie-Ann really enjoys documenting both her experiences and the general information that helps others. Plus she throws in some really cool photos and videos to enhance her blogging content.

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In this episode of the Martyn Sibley show Carrie-Ann and I have a great chance to talk about our favourite topic. You’ll hear about her favourite travels, some of the difficulties she found along the way, and lots of advice for budding travellers.

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