How to change the world: exercise and sleep

Well it’s Wednesday again. I’m on a roll with this weekly posting idea. Twice in two weeks! 😉

Today’s thought, for anyone wanting to change the world, is a little less ‘dream life’. In fact it’s far less sexy. However it’s the most important thing a World Changer can do.

That is, to look after your health. In particular this week’s video (taken from my free YouTube course, called the good life) is on exercise and sleep.

Please watch this short message, let me know your thoughts, and share your experiences.

Maybe you have a cool work out routine, that fits in with your busy schedule. Maybe you’ve read a relevant book on wellbeing. Or maybe you have counter experiences, like that 4 hours sleep is plenty for you.

Whatever your input is, let’s share these ideas, to keep on changing the world a little bit more 🙂

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