Embodiment and Archetypes

It’s been really fun getting back to podcasting. I’ve done two interviews already this year. Both focusing on the topic of personal development for disability inclusion. There’s lots of plans to bring in disabled activists and entrepreneurs next. But sharing Richard (last episode) and now David’s wisdom and tools was the perfect way to kick off 2023.

Who is David (you may ask)?

This episodes guest is David Brown, my embodiment and leadership coach. We’ve worked together for a few years now, but our sessions took huge significance in 2022 when I was struggling with some general life and particular health challenges. Through our sessions I’m feeling great again and firing on all cylinders for my personal disability inclusion adventure.

Whether you have any tougher moments in life (or not) and whether your mission is disability inclusion (or not), this conversation is hugely important and fascinating on many levels.

It’s a longer episode. So consider listening in two parts to really digest everything calmly. Definitely have a cuppa ready. In our chat we cover:

– Various ways in which life can encourage us to look differently at ourselves

– Positive and negative outcomes of when people seek support (we clarify this nicely in the conversation)

– What embodiment means, why it’s helpful and ways to practice it

– What archetypes are and how to find more about the 4 David works with – sovereign, warrior, magician and lover

– Plus much more about our own journey with these topics

If I was to give a sentence on this interaction (beyond being awesome) I’d say it’s that whenever we feel lost or need some answers, they’re always within us, but it’s not weak to seek support in those times too.

To listen to our chat, the Spotify link is here. To watch us on YouTube the link is here (for those on my website it’s embedded below). Finally you can learn more about David’s work at www.potentialitycoaching.co.uk and in particular about his approach with archetypes on Facebook here.

Enjoy 🙂