How to Change the World – tribal power

I can do everything! All by myself. No matter what.

These words are a sure fire way to achieve absolutely nothing.

Let’s talk about the power of the tribe.

Soon after I started my blog, we wanted to build a tribe. To give a voice to unheard people. So Disability Horizons was born.

This summer our team ramped up our social media marketing services too. By delivering engaging articles and podcasts for clients. We’ve already impacted on their mission.

As part of this project, we utilised some of the amazing creative talents of our community. One example is Emma Vogelmann, who started volunteering for us at DHorizons a couple of years ago. Through her experiences, she bagged herself a fantastic job for Muscular Dystrophy UK and is now their employability lead.

Emma agreed to feature in episode two of our client Iansyst Ltd podcast, about Access to Work. Where she explained the benefits, both for businesses and disabled people, looking to be supported by AtW in employment.

All of this typifies the magic we’re trying to create. Giving disabled people volunteering and paid for opportunities. Giving our community a voice. Supporting organisations to change the world to be totally inclusive.

How are you nurturing your tribe?

Martyn ‘tribal’ Sibley

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