Resources and Impact

One thing I’ve learned is that influence doesn’t automatically mean resources or impact.

For resources, a self employed World Changer needs money for their bills. An organisation making social impact needs money, people, infrastructure and so forth. But having lots of hits/likes/followers doesn’t automatically mean resources just fly in the door.

Like it or not, you must crack this.

For impact, continually highlighting a problem doesn’t automatically solve it. Depending on the issue, solutions will vary. For Disability Horizons we know inclusion really comes when we bring solutions to the table.

To change the world, solutions focused always wins.

In my recent “How to change the world” course, we covered how to deal with the above, and lots more. I’m excited to be launching the course again soon.

In the meantime, let me know, how do you deal with getting resources and making impact? What other hurdles are stopping you from changing the world?

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