Bailey Richert – Infopreneurship

I realised recently I’ve been blogging for 10 years in August. Using such a relatively new tool has been hard from a business model perspective.

Authors, radio producers, tv presenters, magazine editors all know how to get paid for their craft. Blogging has had to work all this out.

Whilst I quickly found out I could be a paid consultant and speaker, I dreamed of another way to fund my blog digitally. To empower my community is priority. Paying my bills is a must.

Gradually the notion of coaching came to bloggers. After all, if you’re sharing interesting ideas in your writing or videos, why not go deeper to help others.

1:1 and even group coaching can only scale so far. Finally information products were born. You just need to package your intellectual property, aka your unique experiences, into paid for content. Online learning is now a booming industry!

If I’m honest, I’m still working all this out. On Disability Horizons we support a group of people less willing/able to pay for such products. Meaning we’re looking into other ways of funding it.

However I ran my first ever paid for course for World Changers this year, and the feedback was phenomenal 🙂

I’ve now got the infopreneur bug!

On my journey I came across Bailey Richert. She’s a coach and expert for infopreneurs just like me. Kindly Bailey agreed to be on my podcast and share all of her amazing wisdom and insights.

I hope you enjoy this episode…

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