Wisdom Over Perfection

Perfection seems like a good thing to aim for. Any message or movement should be of the highest quality. Unfortunately perfectionism is also killing progress.

I remember when I went to university for the first time. I’d had my parents doing my care at home. Leaving home meant having strangers helping me in the most private moments in daily life.

Perfection would have meant scouring the world for the best talent. Training them on soft and hard skills for months. Checking their personality profile. Plus many other checks on their ability to support a 19 year old kid live independently.

Coventry university disability office did a great job of recruitment and training. It’s the main reason I chose this city. However there were dramas a plenty!

Imagine loads of volunteer personal care assistants from around the world. Many leaving home for the first time and having English as a second language.

We’d go out, get so wasted in the club’s, I’d have no idea how they hoisted me safely to bed! There were burnt dinners, untidy rooms, and occasional fall outs.

In allowing for imperfection, I had the most amazing 4 years of my life. Beyond the masters degree, it broadened my horizons.

How have you favoured progress over perfection?

Martyn Sibley

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