An Inclusive 2020 Vision

They say a change is as good as a rest. This is absolutely relevant for me right now! Here’s the inside scoop from my head.

I’m writing this post with a full heart, tummy and head. My heart is full from the Christmas presents and connections. My tummy is full from all the delicious festive food. My head is full of inspired ideas for next year.

Naturally, I plan to continue with my healthier habits, maintaining my independence, enjoying awesome leisure experiences, and all that jazz. Work wise 2020 is going to be a big year 🙂

Disability Horizons

In 2019 Disability Horizons published more articles than any previous year. We grew our readership to over 500,000 people, supported thousands on social media, have nearly 6000 email subscribers and we’re loving it. A big thanks to our team for keeping this amazing resource running.

Disabled people are and unfortunately still will face more barriers as we go in to the new year. Our editor Liz Croker and her team have bigger and bolder plans for our community. Including more vital campaigns, more community insights, and more empowering information.

All to push us more for an inclusive world.

World Changers

It struck me 18 months ago that change makers need accountability, community and a road map of action. So I started the World Changers Facebook group and wrote weekly posts about How to Change the World.

Watch out for my posts in January. I’m launching something needed, bigger and better for World Changers. I’m excited to share this with you soon.

Inclusive Marketing

After joining the Future 20 social enterprise incubator last May, we’ve had lots of support on growing Disability Horizons in to a World Changer of its own.

We already know what barriers disabled people face, and what Disability Horizons can do to address the issues. Our difficulty has been funding.

With our mentors, advisors and coaches we have an awesome plan. Our partnerships manager Chris Cusack and I realised that we need to collaborate with businesses, helping them understand the social issue of exclusion. All for a win:win outcome.

By giving brands the business case, necessary information, and innovative services, we can all make a real impact for inclusion.

Going in to 2020 we know exactly how to help businesses embrace inclusion branding. Its up to each individual Chief Marketing Officer, Diversity and Inclusion manager, and company to decide what is right for them.

One thing is for sure. You will see more organisations genuinely caring about crucial topics that matter to us, disabled people. There’ll be more work on making their products and services accessible to all. There’ll be more work on inclusive marketing strategies (with non business partners as well). There’ll be more paid work for our network of disabled influencers too.

If you’re interested in supporting our work on Disability Horizons, or you’re a World Changer looking for your tribe, or you’re a business wanting to support the inclusion cause. Please contact me through my website or social channels.

Here’s to a big year of action, partnerships and most of all impact!


  1. I’m wondering if this course is heavily geared to UK experience or if it is applicable to other countries – Canada, for example.

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