Sing Sing Sing

I’ve found leisure activities challenging since day dot. Being physically weak puts a lot of things off limits.

Finally this year I found something thats fun, challenging and has a fantastic community – singing!

We Are Sound is a Cambridge based choir. When Kasia mentioned it I was very skeptical! Choirs do have a certain stereotype. But it couldn’t have been any different or better.

Andrea is an absolute genius. Taking brilliant songs and arranging them for our band, sopranos, altos, tenors and bass.

Every Tuesday evening our half of the choir learn and practice the songs. The other half on Monday evening. We all meet around once per month on a Sunday with the band too.

In November Kasia and I had our first gig which was in London. It was terrifying and exhilarating in equal measure. You can see me in the first image at that gig, taken by Ian Olsson.

Images from the concerts

Then last night we performed at Great St Marys church to 500 people, raising money and awareness for East Anglian Children’s Hospice. Compared by Griff Rhys Jones.

What an experience! I don’t often wear a dicky bow, the venue was stunning, and we brought the house down. My parents came to watch which was extra special too.

I’m still finding my confidence with singing. Theres a lot of lyrics and notes to learn. But the joy it brings to the audience and the people I’m getting to know in the choir is like nothing I’ve felt before.

It just goes to show, there is always something out there for everyone. Believe me, I tried loads of other things that just weren’t for me. I’m so pleased to have finally found We Are Sound!